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    Unanswered: Simple Combo Box


    Its been a while since I've worked in Access. I do work with VB .NET but i m stuck with a simple combo box in VBA.

    Please take a look at my attached relationship.

    I am trying to create a Form which will have 3 Text boxes for Part Name, Part Description and Part Number. Also 1 Combo Box where it will grab the Values from Main Area in tblArea. My problem is that I do not want any data entry into the Area Table. I just want to use the Area table as a look up table. Maybe there is an easier way of doing this.

    For example, View the items in Combo Box from Main Area, but when I update the record just record the corresponding AreaID in tblPart. I would also appreciate if anyone would tell me what the Form record source should be. Thanks.
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    From the sound of it, the form would be bound to tblPart. The combo would get its selections (its row source) from tblArea, but save the selected item to tblPart (its control source). The combo box wizard should walk you through it.

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