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    Post Unanswered: merge multiple entries in table


    Sorry - I'm relatively inexperienced with Access, this is my last resort after scouring forums (fora?) and the web

    I have a large number of items (plants) in an Access 2002 database, and need to produce a data sheet for each, pulling information from several tables. My plan is to create the data sheet using Word and mailmerge.

    I have a query that pulls data from several tables. The problem is that each plant can have, say, two different scientific names (one old, one current), can be supplied in three different growth media etc., so for one plant there can be multiple rows in my query result.

    When I use this query to mailmerge, of course I get one merged document per permutation, rather than one per plant that lists all the linked scientific names/growth media etc.

    Does this make sense?

    I need to know if I can merge the records in my query result to just have one record per plant.

    Many thanks for any help. I'm willing to learn how to do this, but don't really know where to start.

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    You should know in a minute or so if this is describing the same requirement. I think so...

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    Yes - that looks like just what I'm after, I'll have a good read. Thank you!

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