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    Unanswered: Trouble with Conditional Formatting and Continuous Form

    This ought to be so easy, but something's wrong somewhere and I'm lost as to where to look!

    I have a form, displaying the results of a query as a continuous form. I want to highlight each control with a changed background colour whenever a piece of data is missing (typically the fields value being null).

    So, I set conditional formatting on the control to be Expression Is ... IsNull([fieldname]) and specify a nice shade of pink.

    For some reason, the conditional formatting is only working if I click the row in question: if I click elsewhere it goes away.

    If there are two items in the row which ought to be highlighted, it will only highlight one.

    EXCEPT that there are two fields where the underlying query doesn't give me the data in the format I want, so I am having to calculate the value with a Dlookup: for these, the conditional formatting is correctly evaluated for all rows, all the time.

    I've no idea if its relevant but this is meant to be a readonly form so Edits/Deletions etc are all disabled.

    I guess there's a setting I'm missing somewhere but I'd really appreciate someone pointing it out to me!

    Many thanks

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    Looks like everyone else was as puzzled as me ... well, I've sorted it, but I have no idea how. Basically I recreated the form from scratch, one step at a time, and the resulting form works as you would expect. I have compared the settings for the two versions of the form and can't see any differences at all.

    Put this one down as an Access mystery, and if it happens to anyone else, just recreate...

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    The fact that your Conditional Formatting was correct, as laid out in your initial post, would seem to indicate that the form was corrupted. A recreated form, using the exact same settings, that works would confirm this.

    Glad you got it working!

    Linq ;0)>
    Hope this helps!

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    Met too

    I'm having the same problems (Access 2010). Has anyone figured out what the bug is that causes CF to not work properly with continuous forms? Unfortunately I have invested heaps in this form and cannot recreate it. Surely the bug would have been sorted by now. It's like a massive pimple on MSFTs face.

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    Well, it's a while now since I first posted! I have had some somewhat similar problems since then, and I have learned that a good first step is to "Compact and Repair" the database before investing any more time. It's surprising how often this cleans up oddities.

    Good luck!

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