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    Unanswered: Dilemma

    Hi folks,

    I am a novice so not sure how to go about this and build same in my VB App.

    I have made the example easier below but same principle

    I have 2 tables in SQL Server 2005

    Employee Table "Employee" (PK EmployeeID, Name, Dept, Available)
    Employee Records "EmpRecords" (PK RecordID, FK EmployeeID, Address)

    I am using Devexpress Data Grids (similar to Microsoft's Data Grid) to use in a Visual Stuido VB App.

    On placing the grid on the form, i can then choose the database table to connect to using the wizard etc.

    However, i am trying to construct the following statement to show records where employees are available only

    Select FK EmployeeID, Address From Emprecords WHERE (dbo.Employee.Available = 'Yes') I need the abilty for the user operating the program to update records etc. and this is my problem. I can design a view to show the user the records no problem but he needs the ability to update records.

    Has anyone come across this issue etc. Did you have to write your own update statements. How did you bring two tables into a DataGrid?

    Any advice is appreciated


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    You want to update rows in a table using a data grid? If so, this has nothing to do with SQL Server.

    Is the "Devexpress Data Grid" a third party control?

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