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    Unanswered: Change LOGARCHMETH1 from TSM to Disk

    From this reference

    IBM DB2 9.5 Information Center for Linux, UNIX, and Windows

    point 3 in notes...

    "Enabling or disabling archive logging is an offline database activity. You must terminate all connections to the database before the new setting takes effect. Only changes in the logging path can be done online."

    It seems to me then, that I could change LOGARCHMETH1 while the database is online from TSM to somewhere on the server using the Disk parameter.

    Is this correct?

    I imagine I would have to get archive logs from two different places if I needed to use a backup that was over the time period of this change. That may be a challenge for me! But if it's not just boils down to ones and zeros right?

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    Interesting Question.

    DB2 is aware of Changes in the Logchains. I'ld guess that if the logfiles are still there and config (dsm.opt etc) did not change, then DB2 may be able to find the Logfiles in TSM.

    Did you test it meanwhile?

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    you can change the setting but execute
    get db cfg show detail and see the setting is delayed until all disconnected
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    Thanks for the replies.

    I am going to try this out in our sandbox environment.

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    ... or you can take a db backup right after you change the parameter.
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