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    Question Unanswered: Problem with cyrillic objects

    I have a problem with my Access Database when I want to use some VBA. the problems are the following:
    1. All my table names are cyrillic. When I copy the name from the access database and paste it into the Visual Basic for Application Editor I see only ???????????????
    2. When I type in the VBA editor the same name as in the Access database I can see it with the cyrillic characters. But if I run the script it doesn't recognize the table (error 3265). I do not have the same problems if I rename the table with latin symbols and use the same name in the code. (the code evidently works)
    3. I try to insert a new field in the table and the field's name is also cyrillic. The field input succeeds but the characters in the Access database are unreadable

    Please help me to solve this incompatibility between the Access database and the VBA Editor

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