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    Red face Unanswered: problem with trigger and identity insert

    here is the scenario which i am facing in my company
    MSAccess application is doing insert on a table(say A) and then performing update on same record based on @@identity
    problem is a trigger is also defined on that table(A) its an after trigger for inserts and updates
    which fires and inserts this record into a different table(say B) in different database and this table(B) also has identity column ....

    Problem is

    when access application first inserts the record into table ""A"
    trigger fires and inserts record into table"B" and value of @@identity gets access application is updating records based on wrong @@identity value....this issue poped up from was working fine in past idk what to do ..
    MSAccess 2007
    SQLServer 2008

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    i came across this link too idk whats gng on with microsoft

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