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    Exclamation Unanswered: PocketLOG - debugging SQL

    My name is David. I would like to present you my idea for debugging SQL applications - I've called it PocketLOG.

    PocketLog is a program that captures and analyses TCP/IP traffic (queries, data and noticies) between PostgreSQL database and any other application (connected without SSL encryption to a non-localhost server).

    I've written it for my own use and it has diametrically changed quality of debugging database applications.
    I think it's worth sharing and evolving. If you agree with me and You'd like to get the full version, please support my work with a small donation =).

    • capturing queries
    • executing queries (using PGAdmin configuration)
    • capturing data (query results)
    • capturing notices
    • SQL beautifuler
    • filters with regular expressions

    You can download PocketLOG from here.
    To run the program you will also need the WinPCap library.

    I've created a small tutorial to show you how to start.

    NOTE: You have to remember that this version is still in eeeearly beta phase and it has a few (more or less important) bugs

    I hope You'll like the idea

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    Is that a pocketlog or are you happy to see me?

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    a bit of both, i guess
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