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    Unanswered: In Memory Database

    Hi Friends,

    Recently, read about the "In Memory" Database could not read the entire thing.

    But found it very interesting.

    One thing I could not relate was a practical example where we can use IN MEMORY database (where in recovery is not required.)

    Share practical example where we use it ... And the experience, ppl who are already using it ....


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    Unfortunately no real life implementations for me as yet. I guess because it is fairly "new" vendors are still putting it through it's paces and testing. One example would be that some trading applications use FEEDS of data. I know of one client that is hosting the feeds in a conventional database. Since this data changes fairly often and redundancy is not critical, an in memory db will be a good solutions. They will still be able to do what ever they are doing in the database but with much better performance.

    I am sure there will be a few more examples of an I.M.D.B, just can't think of them.

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