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    Question Unanswered: Lotus Notes/Domino (?) File: .nsf - how to download/convert?

    Hi everybody.

    I need to work with data (Text) provided in a Database which is online.

    As the file extension is nsf, I guess it was made with Lotus Notes/Domino.

    if you want to have a look:
    Sprawozdania stenograficzne - IV kadencja Sejmu
    (it is in polish)

    Is there any way to download the whole thing? I need to use it in Atlas.TI (which is a program for qualitative analysis). So it would be perfect to have all the texts in the database in one or a few files (pdf, doc, htm or whatever). The only alternative is to click thorugh the hundreds of thousands of pages and copypaste all of them, which would take... well.. a lot of time.

    If it is not possible to download it directly, is there a way to deal with this by talking to the administrator of the database? I would need to know what to ask him exactly...

    thanks in advance,


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    Notes Download

    This is right out of Lotus Notes Help.
    You can point your Administrator to it:
    You can export Notes view data into structured text files, tabular text files, and Lotus 1-2-3 spreadsheet files. Depending on the type of export you select, you may export either the visible text in the view (tabular text) or the text and field data inside the documents (structured text).
    Exporting from a view does not remove documents from the view, but simply copies the data into a new file.
    Click any of these topics:
    • Exporting documents in a view into structured text files
    • Exporting view data into tabular text files
    • Exporting view data into spreadsheet files

    See Also
    File types supported for import and export
    Putting views to work

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