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    Unanswered: Using Hyperlink with a variable

    Hi there,

    Tried searching through the forum to see if I can get anything that could help me but wasn't able to...

    I have PO numbers that were taken from a webpage.

    After I input the PO number into the textbox and its respective information, I then automatically create a report with all the POs for the day.

    Is it possible for me to put in the report a hyperlink that will link it to the original web finding?

    The URL looks like this:

    If the PO is PO12345 the URL is

    So basically I need to take the 12345 and paste it onto the end of the "61-" in order for the hyperlink to work.

    Any suggestions or directions would be helpful.


    - wayne

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    Could it be as simple as:
    Function GetURL(PONumber as long) as String
        Const c_URL as string = ""
        GetURL = c_URL & Cstr(PONumber)
    End Function
    Or do I miss something?
    Have a nice day!

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