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    Unanswered: lowering high water mark db2 dms tablespace


    A question about lowering the high water mark of db2 DMS tablespaces in db2 v9.5 FP 4 on AIX :

    When I try to lower the HWM of a tablespace containing tabledata , everything works as planned : db2dart /LHWM suggest which table should be reorganized offline and indeed, after the reorg, the HWM has dropped
    The indexes of all the tables in the tablespace for which I'm lowering the HWM are all in a second DMS tablespace. When an offline reorg is taken, also indexes are rebuild so why isn't the HWM of the index tablespace lowered as well (because I clearly see that the HWM stays the same for this tablespace) ?

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    Did you run db2dart /LHWM for the index tablespace?

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