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Thread: DB2 HADR test

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    Unanswered: DB2 HADR test

    Hi All,

    I have setup lab environment for DB2 HADR. It consist one Primary server & Standby server. I have successfully configured HADR with automatic client reroute on both servers.

    Now i have to test that setup....for this i connect a db2 client with primary server database. Both are working fine.

    But when I disconnect my primary server, client didnt get connected or synchronised with standby.

    Pls suggest me, how i can test my setup. Do some more configuration is required??

    With Regards,

    Rahul Ranjan

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    HADR is not a cluster manager. It does not fail-over the database to standby automatically, you must issue the HADR takeover command on the standby to do this.

    DB2 comes with a cluster manager called TSA that can do the automatic fail-over. TSA is usually installed automatically when you install DB2, but you probably want the latest fixpack. TSA is somewhat complex, so you will need to invest some time to learn it.

    Or you can use another cluster manager to do the fail-over (you will usually have to write the fail-over scripts that get executed when the cluster manager detects a problem with the primary server).

    Keep in mind that if the primary server is down (or not in Peer State), you must issue the HADR takeover command with force option. Also, if you have a cluster manager, I would recommend that you use a single database virtual IP address that moves with the servers in addition to using ACR.
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