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Thread: KAIO requests

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    Question Unanswered: KAIO requests

    hello all together,

    iīm from germany, that means that my english isn`t perfect

    here my problem:
    we have our databases on informix...
    yesterday we had a problem with one of these databases.
    we got help from IBM, they said that me must configure the number of KAIO request...

    do someone know how i can configure this?

    thanks a lot

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    Not sure if this will help you because (I think) the answer is operating system dependent.

    I'm using IDS 9.x on an IBM AIX box (AIX 5.x) and there is an INFORMIX environment variable called IFMX_AIXKAIO_NUM_REQ that can be set in the same place that the INFORMIXDIR environment variable is set.


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    Please check p;atform-specific info which can be found in $INFORMIXDIR/release/en_us/0333/IDS_version file (for version under V10).

    For latest version, like V11, the filename will include "machine note" under the same directory(i.e. $INFORMIXDIR/release/en_us/0333 for english)

    You can also check this web site:
    IBM - Publications for the IBM Informix family of products

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