Here is my issue or what I want to do:

I want be able to filter the data in a table then run the "Create E-Mail" wizard (under: External Data > Create E-Mail) and have ONLY the results from the filtered table be used by the Outlook Wizard..

I can filter the data as I want. The problem though is that when I then run the "Create E-mail" wizard, all of the data from the table is selected (not just what I filtered).

The end users will have a list of several hundred emails within a table. The User needs to be able to filter the data and then have the resulting email addresses (and associated user info), be imported into the Outlook Wizard.

I know it is possible to create 'views' (using Oracle as the backend) and tie specific buttons to specific 'views'... but there are so many possible filter combinations that would result in a lot of buttons!

>> I am able to use Macros to 1. Open the table 2. Filter the Table, and 3. Launch the Outlook Wizard task ('CollectDataViaEmail'), but the whole table gets imported into the Outllook task.

I tried to find more information on the individual Macro's but was only able to find basic info. Any help is appreciated.