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    Unanswered: connecting to localhost without a network: -908


    I'm trying to connect to a IDS 9.40 running on the same (windows) computer as the client frontend and it's working fine as long the network is up.

    But the moment I pull the LAN plug the IDS can't be reached anymore. The client uses the %computername% and it's registered in the SQLHOSTS as host. When the network is down the %computername% (="MYLAPTOP") is resolved to localhost/127.0.01 -- but the client software as well as DBping reports an -908 error and won't connect over olsotcp. ISA reports no problems -- and the IDS service seems to be up and running fine ... but can't be reached at localhost.

    Does anyone have an idea on how to setup the Informix server in a purely localhost environent? Or what is going wrong here?

    Thanx alot!
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    We use laptops for demos and when on a customer's site we don't always have access to a network. You use this method:

    1. Set DBSERVERALIASES in the onconfig
    2. Define in sqlhosts/setnet32 assign an address for this alias of

    When the LAN is down connect using the alias

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