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    Unanswered: Database always displaying details of last record entered, not the one I searched for

    So I have this MS2007 database with 3000+ records, let's say they're patients. You can add patients and open another window to view their details. It's set so the database updates directly on a server although I've copied it (the shortcut?) on the pc.

    Unfortunately I'm not the one who configured the database so I'm just looking for some miraculous enlightenment because I can't give much details about its configuration.

    Here's the problem:
    I search for a patient (by name), it displays it in the drop down list, I select it, then I click on an open button to view the patient file (details). However, it doesn't display this patient's file but it ALWAYS display the file of the last patient I added to the database. If I search for a different name, the same happens.

    However, here is how I fix it: I replace the copy on my desktop with the one on the local server. Now I can view each patient's details correctly UNTIL I add a new patient to the database. If I add this new patient, then the same problem described above will occur, and so on.

    The weird thing is that it can be corrected by replacing the database 'shortcut' on my desktop with the one on the server AND this only happened since I accidentally entered a record twice today and I got the error saying this might be a duplicate record after which I found the first record entered and then corrected the second one.

    Any ideas? Thanks in advance

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    honestly you are in need of some Access skills. The site UtterAccess has a forum section like this - - at the bottom of this is one where people post their resumes and they are people like me that aid in these forums and are skilled. Hire one, or invest in an Access text book easily found at Amazon or any big box book store.... the db isn't working wrong - you just don't understand it....and those shortcuts you are dabbling with could potentially have you entering data in ways that were never intended (i.e. duplicate patient example you mentioned)...if this is important to you or your business I would get some experienced assistance before one has muddied things badly...

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