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    Unanswered: Questions regarding sybase

    1] On system /Sybase file system get full and all the files are important.
    The Error log size was too large, so one guy did rm for the error log file. After that we have checked file system size , still file system size not get released and in ls –lrt error log file is not showing the file in the list. What is the problem, I know we can purge the error log also we can create the error log file and open the new error log file but for the same I need some space should be present at file system.

    Thanks in advance

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    The file is kept open by the app (sybase in this case). The space will not be released until you stop/kill the app.
    A better way is not to remove the file but to try and truncate it i.e.
    However in some cases it might not work an stopping the app might be the only way.
    Restart you sybase server to solve you current problem.

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