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    Unanswered: mysql database design

    Looking for any suggestions or advise or even best practices.
    I have developed an online database using php and mysql. It allows companies to log complaints and resolutions etc. There is a user database for login and a cip database for logging the main data. 2 companies are trialing and testing the database. At the moment each company is using separate databases and separate html pages. I am wondering what the best way to add more companies.
    Ideas that I have are:
    To have one large database for users and one large database for cip and use a company id or similar to identify individual companies records in the database.
    To use the same html pages for every company but select which database to use from the login details. So that each company will have a separate cip database but all companies use the same users database.
    Or just keep everything separate for every company. (this might be really bad for doing updates)

    I hope I have made myself clear and look forward to any suggestions.

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    use a company_id | @rudydotca
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    Thanks for your reply...on both forums

    Option 1 it is then and will use company_id

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