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    Unanswered: reversr engineer problem in power designer

    I have sql script from using mysqldump
    when i tried to do reverse engineer in powerdesigner with this script,it skipping all things
    Mysql version is 5.0

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    You'll have to provide more information, telling us it is "skipping all things" isn't detailed enough for us to assist. You are also assuming that people would be familiar with what powerdesigner is.

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    What version of PowerDesigner are you using? What version of mysqldump are you using? There are a number of conflicts between the mysqldump scripts and older (pre-2010) versions of PowerDesigner and a few issues still exist in v15.2 with some mysqldump files.

    PowerDesigner will always present error messages via the GUI and in the log. What are you getting when you try to import the dump file?

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