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    Unanswered: Third Party backup software

    I know nearly nothing about Oracle (well, enough to be dangerous, I suppose). We are running version 9 (don't laugh) and searching for a DBA as I write. However, our database backups are now running for 8 hours. When my SQL backups started to get larger, I found Litespeed and SQL Backup. Is there anything comparable for Oracle. Google isn't helping much, so far. Thanks for any leads.

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    Cool rman

    You should try RMAN from Oracle.
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    backup software

    For database, it is safer to choose one reliable tool to protect it. Trust backup software on the market, such as todo backup, nova, clonezilla, Acronis. They are more versatility software. Personally, I recommend todo backup for price.
    It also can provide advanced backup scheduler and one-click to recover system to dissimilar hardware, incremental backup, differential backup, backup Exchange server\SQL Server, backup to tape for 2003/2008/2000 servers.

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    definitely use RMAN. If your licence allows, use compression.

    If you have the disk space for it, go to disk with your backups from RMAN and then use your backup software to go to tape. any backup software will let you do this, and you then have backups on disk for quick access and you also dont need an oracle licence for whatever software you use.

    If you absolutely need to go to tape first use oracles own software "secure backup", TCO is less then others and you may get it dirt cheap if you use it correctly.

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    How are you currently doing your backups? 8 hours seems a little excessive. Also are you running in archive mode?
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