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    Unanswered: Btree Version 3.10 (Help)

    Anyone ever hear of "Btree Version 3.10"? It uses .dat/.idx/.str files and is undoubtedly an ancestor of dbase/btrieve. I need to access the data in these databases but can't find an appropriate utilty/driver.

    I believe the data originated on a Unix/Linux system.

    Surprisingly, there isn't anything obvious on the internet, probably because of the generic nature of the word "btree" which is recognized more as a concept than a product.

    Anybody who has software for this, or even knows the data format: all help will be apprecitated.


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    If you want me to check it to see if it is Btrieve you can visit my site Pervasive Btrieve DDF Import Export, File Repairs. Send me an email from there. I'll at least check it and let you know.

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