Hi folks,

Windows Server 2008 R2 Enterprise
SQL Server 2008 R2
Windows 7 - remote client
(all 64 bit version)

I have finished testing the setup of the network, Intranet, allowing remote client administrator to login Windows Server taking complete control as administrator of the latter with its desktop displayed on Win7. Win7 administrator can also take control of SQL Server remotely. Users on Win7 can login Windows Server as well SQL Server. I can grant them complete authority as adminstrator of Windows Server. I haven't tested the connection via Internet. I think the prinple on its setup will be more less the same as for Intranet except I have to pointing the public IP to the internal IP of Windows Server. Windows Server is running on a VM of Oracle VirtualBox and the virtual machine is behind a router.

Now I'm interested taking a second move, connecting SQL Server via a browser on remote client. I have following questions:

I suppose I need setting up a web server on Windows Server for this purpose?

If YES to 1) above.

I haven't had experience on setting MS default web server. However I have experience in setting Apache Web Server on Linux/Unix environment. Do I need removing the software of MS default web server before installing Apache? (Maybe I'll proceed to setup MS default web server. It is always my interest to learn).

Do I need install SQL Server Web edition for this application?

Any other advice?

Please advise. TIA