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    Question Unanswered: Please help with this question. Data fields

    Hi All,

    I've posted this question before, but I can't seem to get a response. I'm hoping someone can help this time.

    I have two tables which are accessed via forms. One is called "Claims" and the other is called "Terminations". Well, "Terminations" contains basic data that will need to be entered into "Claims" at some point in time.

    The Fields in both tables are similar. Example: "first name", "last name", "social security" etc.

    I would like for when we find a record in "Terminations" to automatically "plug in" certain fields in a blank record in "Claims". This can be done via a command button or however you reccommend.

    Right now we are manually entering data in claims by copying and pasting from terminations when we would like to just have some of the data automatically imported or "plugged in".

    I hope this question makes sense.

    If anyone has code suggestion or a solution to this please let me know.


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    First I would create another table called Customers this will list all your customers with their social security number, names etc. Then just store the social security number in your current tables.

    You could have a command button to append the current details on the Terminations form to the Claims form by using an append query.

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    in classic database design - one doesn't duplicate all those fields. If 'Claims' is a subform - and set up with wizard - then the single cross referencing field value will be entered into its table.

    for display purposes - in either the form or a report - one shows the duplicate fields. either using the subform/subreport method or via a query that joins the data. But you don't actually re-record data from one table to another.

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