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    Unanswered: Though 2 table values seems to be identical, excel EXACT or = comparision gives FALSE

    we have Table1, Table2 with similar structure and data.
    we do a SELECT from both tables and store it in 2 Excel sheets.
    when we try to compare data using =EXACT(Table1cell1, Table2cell1)
    or =(Table1cell1=Table2cell1), the comparison returns false, even for the rows looking identical..


    select * from Table1
    ID Description
    1 Summary
    2 Specification

    select * from Table2
    ID Description
    1 Summary
    2 Specification

    Though the result set of both the queries seems to be identical, when we keep these results in excelsheet and do an EXACT or = comparison, it returns FALSE

    Will there be any characterset/space related issues in Sybase..?
    If so how to verify and troubeshoot this problem.?
    Vikram RM

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    Why don't you paste the exact results from table 1 and 2 here. So that we can paste it to excel and try to replicate the issue. It count be due to column data type. May be one char and other is varchar...

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