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    Unanswered: how to go to other block

    I have a problem on my form. There are 2 blocks and some text items. I set a text item's "visible" and "enabled" properties false.

    When I wanna go to other block, there occurs error because of this item's "when-validate-item" trigger. This item is a database item which cannot be null. But how can I prevent this? If I assign a number to this item, it will be inserted into database, but this would be wrong. How can I handle this problem IN SHORT?

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    In short? You can't. If item's "Required" property is set to "Yes" (i.e. NOT NULL), I believe that it is set for a reason. (By the way, "visible" and "enabled" have nothing to do with it. I hope you don't think that if you can not see an item, that its validations are cancelled, do you?)

    So, either enter a value and navigate to another block, or redesign that column so that it allows NULLs.

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