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    Unanswered: MS Access as Front End

    Could anyone tell me what is the benefit using Ms Access as front end an SQL Server a back-end?

    I feel web app would be better, but I am not a Access dveloper, need your inputs from real world experiences.

    Thank a lot!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Springwater View Post
    Could anyone tell me what is the benefit using Ms Access as front end an SQL Server a back-end?
    the main benefit is that you can use the same wonderful visual front end to build your queries as you are used to, assuming, of course, that you have experience with building queries in MS Access, and need to do the same for your SQL Server tables

    a web app is certainly not better as a front end interface to interacting with your tables than all the functionality that you get right out of the box with Access, primarily because of the many-years of coding that you would have to invest to get your web app up to the same level | @rudydotca
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    Really wow I thought you were gonna say a webapp is a better front end. learn something new every day

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    I write all my front ends in Access using SQL for the backend.

    For 99% of all business applications, Access give you a complete programming environment.

    Access has gotten a bad reputation because it is so available to any Tom, Dick and Harry who wants to write a program. As such, there has been a lot of garbage written in Access, which has stained its reputation.

    But there is very, very little real world business functionality available in any other client/server application programming environment that I cannot replicate in Access.

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    like everything, it depends what you need it for and what your environment is. are you going to have dozens of users or thousands. are you going to want to have a licensed copies of Access for all of users? will your users want access to their data from anywhere anytime regardless of what computer they are in front of.

    And also like everything, Access is what you make it. I did a fair amount of Access in some of my early gigs and it often serves as a cheap and easy way for a lot of people to get into development, but as my environments became more sophisticated, Access met fewer and fewer of my needs and as I became a more seasoned programmer I used it less and less and that is why their is a lot crappy Access front ends out there.
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