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Thread: Export PDF.

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    Unanswered: Export PDF.


    When we try to export PDF from crystal reports, a dialog box appears to select the path...Like to store on "Disk"....

    Can we store the generated PDF file on our developed application itself....? rather than storing it in C:,D:,E: drives etc.......

    So that the PDF remains inside the application.....

    Please help me......

    Thanks in advance......

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    IF you hold the data in your database and that is not to change then all you would do is re-run the query that would produce the .pdf.

    If you want to physically store the .pdf in your application the .pdf would need to be stored on a a drive somewhere that the application can locate.

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    I'm not sure I understand your question. But, if the issue is access to the pdf, you could always mark the file hidden or use PDF file security to restrict access to it. You can't do this in CR, but I would think you can programmatically.

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