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    Unanswered: mysqldump from SAS database?

    Hello. At my workplace the db managers join and make data available in a few tables from a large variety of Oracle databases to the wider group of scientists in SAS data tables as this is what many people use as their statistical software. We are moving from this though and many of us are now using R for statistics and other open source solutions such as MySQL and postgreSQL. My problem is that I now want to dump the SAS databases in a format like mysqldump does for quick import into MySQL. I know that SAS can export individual tables but this requires a lot of time and I would need to reimport many tables about every six months. I am looking for relatively quick and robust solutions. This tends to be the kind of thing that proprietary software does not do because it allows people to migrate away from these products too easily.

    Does anyone know how to dump SAS databases in a format like mysqldump? Is there already a SAS solution or a SAS script available that can do this.

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    You need a SAS tool called CEDA to do that.

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