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    Unanswered: Connection failed: Database server not running

    I have created a new sybase database dbsyb.db on my server machine with sybase central 9 and its run correctly.
    Now I'd like to connect at dbsyb.db from my client workstation via ODBC
    I create a new ODBC with these parameters:
    driver ODBC: Adaptive server anywhere 7.0
    Data source name: dbsyb
    Description: database sybase
    Checked: Microsoft applications and prevent driver.........
    Describe cursor behavior: If required

    Checked: Supply user ID and password

    Server name: dbsyb
    Start line: -p 4096 -x tcpip -d

    Checked: TCP/IP

    CHECKED: Allow multiple record....

    When I try Test Connection I get error:
    Connection failed: Database server not running

    What I wrong?

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    Have you tried looking in the errorlog of your dbserver for errors or warnings? Have you verified that your dbserver is indeed not running?
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    You can also have your datasource to log most of data transfer between odbc driver manager and database. To do this use odbc data source administrator then enable tracing, you can also enter log file name there. The odbc log file will contain detailed information if a connection failed.

    I ll also check odbc network settings on my other computers, if there are discrepancies with yours, I'll answer asap.

    Btw, free developer version SQL Anywhere 12 has been released recently.

    Here are my settings for tcp/ip on Network tab of ODBC Configuration for the clients (anywhere 10) :

    mark: TCP/IP, enter: HOST=135432145;PORT=4096

    *** where 135432145 is IP for example of your server computer and PORT is PORT#
    *** Important: HOST, PORT must be written in capitals, and NO spaces in HOST string ***
    *** I took PORT 4096 from your start line

    mark: shared memory

    Liveness timeout: 120 sec
    Idle timeout: 240 sec
    Buffer size: 1460
    (These are three standard values)

    You should drop -p 4096 -x tcpip -d from field Start line.

    You should also read chapter SQL "Anywhere ODBC driver" of product manual dbjten10.pdf, especially on page 18++.
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