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    Unanswered: Populating Subject Line with Form Data

    I managed to create an button command in Access 2010 which allow users to send an email directly from the form they are filling out. The email being sent from the form serves to notify certain individuals that an entry has been made. On the form itself, the unique ID number assigned to each new entry is visible. Because this is the best way to locate a specific entry in a database of hundreds, we ask that the user include the entries unique ID number in the subject line. At the current time, the users are manually entering in the unique ID number into the subject line. Is there a way we can automate this so that the ID number of the specific form is placed in the subject line?

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    In the coding for the button...

    Dim UID as variant
    UID = me!MyUniqueIDField

    Then in subject parameter of the way you're sending the email (I'm assuming sendobject), you'd put in something like (again, for the subject paramter part), "UniqueID = " & UID
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