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    Unanswered: Help with Customer Records database

    Hi all,

    It's been an age since I last used databases properly with such depth and was just wondering if someone can help me with the one I'm currently creating (I have developers block and it's irritating me now that I can't do this!).

    My company is looking to convert from an index card system to a database in Access and my boss has asked me to create one.

    The cards contain the details for the customers on the front and on the rear of the cards are the dates they ordered, how ordered and also when we despatched the the order and which courier we sent it with.

    I have 3 tables set up (customers, current orders and past orders) to reflect the state-of-play with the cards and have now come to a stop.

    I'm just wondering how to link the customer ID (obviously through relationships, which I've done) in the current and past orders table so you can select an ID and it displays the surname of the customer and then enter the date accordingly.


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    At the moment I may have worked it all out! I may be back for help though!

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    you may want to consider a fourth table (what they ordered)
    you may want to merge the current and past orders into one with a flag on it indicating if the order is complete or not
    a customer places an order although the order has its own unique ID it also has a foreign key to the custoemr table
    an order may contain multiple items, so you eed a mechanism to make the items unique (usually this is an order id + item ID)

    a word of caution using an autonumber function for the order ID is tempting, however you need tobear in mind autonumber is not the same as a human issued sequential number. autonumber is controlled by the computer, not humans so if you delete half finished orders you will loose that number to future use. if you expect your order numbers to be sequential you will have to develop your own mechanism to generate the ordernumber
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