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    Unanswered: Relationship Troubles

    I'm having trouble with my relationship! ()

    Anyway, when creating a new order date in my table I have it setup as so:

    DateID, Customer (linked to records in CUSTOMERS table), DateRec, HowRec

    My company has over 10,000 customers so surnames will be repeated over and over and so the distinguishing factor will be their address. When making a new received date it will be necessary to find the customer in question with the order.

    With 10,000 customers, the lookup list will be a long list and will take a while to look through to find the customer. Is there a way, after typing in the first few letters of a surname, to show only those surnames in the drop down menu? At the moment it shows the surname when you type in a couple of letters, but the drop down list shows ALL customers in the table.


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    put some code behind the control that you type in the customers name
    after the requisite number of characters fire that code to refine the list/combobox's datasource

    Im geussing you'll want it after say a key is pressed

    you won't want to handle an enter, tab or similar navigation key (left,right arrow) amd so on

    so filter out those keys
    check the length of the data in the combo
    if its on say your target length requery the source for the combo
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