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    Question Unanswered: add an existent db to new installation...


    Linux Opensuse 11.2
    DB2 9.7 ESE (time evaluate).

    I'm learn DB2 and executing some tests here...
    Bellow is the steps I do:
    - I Install db2 9.7 (db2_install method)
    - created a new instance called "db2note1"
    - created the SAMPLE database , executing the "db2sampl" using the default parameters.
    - The sample database was created into the default directory : /home/db2note1/db2note1/NODE0000
    - I drop the instance and das (db2idrop , dasdrop)
    - I uninstall the db2 (db2_deinstall)
    - I reinstall the db2 , following the same procedure before...
    - Offcourse the DB SAMPLE don't appear. But I can see it using the command :
    db2 list db directory at /home/db2note1
    - I catalog the database manually , using the command:
    db2 "catalog db SAMPLE AS SAMPLE AT NODE db2note1 WITH 'db catalogado depois'"
    Opening the Control Center , the database don't appear.
    Checking with the list db directory, I got this:
     System Database Directory
     Number of entries in the directory = 1
    Database 1 entry:
     Database alias                       = SAMPLE
     Database name                        = SAMPLE
     Node name                            = DB2NOTE1
     Database release level               = d.00
     Comment                              = db catalogado depois
     Directory entry type                 = Remote
     Catalog database partition number    = -1
     Alternate server hostname            =
     Alternate server port number         =
    They appear as "remote" type of database.
    Well... My guess is, don't appear on the control center because this... but how solve ???? Is possible?

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    Your catalog statement was wrong. It should be:

    db2 "catalog db SAMPLE AS SAMPLE ON /home/db2note1/db2note1/ WITH 'db catalogado depois'"

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    Thank's Andy,

    I read the manual for the catalog db syntax but this part "on ..." I don't notice... shame...

    Thank again!

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