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    I am working on a project for a client, they need changes made to an existing MS Access 2000 database. There are 2 database one with the tables, stored procedures and a second database with the forms and reports. the database with the forms and reports has linked tables to the first database. I want to make a copy of the production database and remove the links so I can make changes without effecting the production data. I can remove the links but when I try to create my own tables from the production tables I get an error "trying to change data that another user is tryiing to change" I don't think there are any other users on at the time. Can I be that other user? How do I get around this?

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    First as a safeguard make a copy of your backend that has the tables then make a copy of your production database for your own use. In your copy delete the LINKED TABLES, then import the tables and if required the stored procedures from the back end.

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