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    Unanswered: Formula error


    I have 2 formulas which holds a value for the current and previous year
    Product_CY and Product_PY
    I want to add another formula that calculates the growth between the
    two years, I tried Product_CY - Product_PY / Product_PY
    The answer I get is wrong, and not sure if it is to do with the groups in my report.
    I have 3 groups CustomerGroup, Region and CustomerName which is the detail
    and I place my formulas in the CustomerName group header.

    Any ideas?

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    I don't quite understand what you want to do. What is Product_CY and Product_PY? What has it got to do with years?

    Can you give an example?


    Based on your formula, I'm guessing if
    Product_CY = 2010
    Product_PY = 1910

    You want to know the % of growth?

    If so then the formula should be
    (2010 - 1910) / 1910 = 5%

    The way you put your formula it turns out to be 2010 -1910 / 1910 = 2010 - 1 = 2009

    Did I get this right?
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