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    Unanswered: deployment of database

    Thank you for your help.....
    I program my website in VWD and use SQL Server2005 to design my database and after I read about deploy database I find many ways to do this like right-click my database in database explorer and use publish to provider and the I stop because my provider dont support me with IP address ,database name and user name and password. When I went to control panel and click MS SQL Manager an error XML HTTp:412 Precondition failed appear and couldnt Add new database please tell me if the job of adding the data to the provider is my job or it my provider job and I need the complete steps to deploy ms sql database including the change of connectingstring of my config.web file and I am appreciate your effort to help me.
    thank you

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    Are you talking about SQL Azure or just a regular SQL instance? For the first MS has plenty of references, and since you're paying for it, - they'll provide you with the help. But to simply put - you script the objects, script the INSERTs, package the script into your setup project (msi), and do whatever you want with it (i.e. publish, email, or put it on a floppy). Your connectionstring in the web.config you change to the connection string posted on your SQL Azure connection site.
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