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    Smile Unanswered: Variations of SQL - Ingres/Informix


    Wasn't sure where to post this question, as is a general SQL query really.

    I'm listed my SQL skills on my CV/Resume as Jet SQL (Ms Access) and T-SQL (Sql server 2005).

    I have used both Informix and Ingres commercially from around 1996 - 2004 but have forgotten which versions I used.

    Wondering how to label these SQL variations?
    Just plain SQL (ANSI) or should I specify Informix and Ingres SQL?

    I found details on QUEL for Ingres and this doesn't look familar to me at all.

    Any ideas?


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    i would just list SQL as your major strength, and, without undue emphasis, add a couple examples of databases you've worked on, sans the version number stuff

    e.g. skill: able to write efficient and complex queries in SQL (e.g. Access, SQL Server, Informix) | @rudydotca
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