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    Thumbs down Unanswered: Linking combo box, list box and subform

    Hi all, need major help here...

    How do I link a list box (that's already in a subform) to a display info in that subform, then all that are linked by a combo box.

    so in short:

    --------main form-----------------
    Car RegNo/ Car TagNo (COMBO BOX),

    Select i.e. ABC123

    Displays Job Dates (LIST/ COMBO BOX)

    Displays i.e. 10/1/10, 2/3/10... (several dates)

    Selecting a date displays its job info that that date.

    -----------------end subform-------------

    im realli stuck, I have linked up the carReg/CarTagno. with car info on a subform, but not job info.

    plz help!

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    I am not sure how often the user needs to get to the date information. But I typically would create a main form with a subform. In your case it sounds like you have that working pretty well. Then instead of creating another level down I would create a Date detail form (separate form) and when the user either double clicks the date or uses the Record Selector and a Detail button, the Date Detail form would open as a Modal form. The user would be able to modify the data or you could make it read only depending on your needs.

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