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    Unanswered: ERROR in combo box

    ERROR in combo box,

    Scenario: when creating combo box with wizard, forgot to select the primary key as well.

    i.e. 2 columns: primary key (auto no.), products

    So when the combo box is bound to a field list, the end text shown on the table ends up as the auto no. (NOT the title of the products)...

    is there a way to change that without doin it again with wizard because I've got about 23 combo box that are already bound to a field list.


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    In the properties of your combo box set the column width to 0cm;5cm. This will hide the primary key column and display the Products. You may have to adjust the column width from 5 to a suitable value, also the list width may have to be adjusted to display the products in the drop down.

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