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    Unanswered: DBADM authority clarification needed


    I'm running DB2 v9.1 FP8 on AIX

    I have user1 who is instance owner. This user belongs to group "db2adm1" (primary group)
    There is another user-user2 who belongs to same primary group:db2adm1

    So user1-instance owner and user2 belongs to same primary group:db2adm1

    My question is :
    If user1 creates a database "testdb", will user2 gets DBADM authority on this database . user2 uses same instance-user1. How do I check for DBADM authority on the database ?


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    is db2adm1 defined as sysamin group in dbm cfg ?
    no you do not get dbadm authority
    connect to database and execute get snapshot for application agentid xxx
    you will see the authorities to have : expl or impl
    also see What's new in DB2 V9.7: System administrator (SYSADM) authority scope has changed
    for sysadm
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    Quote Originally Posted by pratapd View Post
    How do I check for DBADM authority on the database ?
    By selecting from SYSCAT.DBAUTH

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