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    Unanswered: Reviewing Reports

    Good day, all. Got a question, hope it has an easy answer, so. =D
    Okay. I have a buncha of data, yadda yadda yadda, and I need to display it in a report. However, I'm required to show the data in the report all sorts of way. Descending, ascending, top/bottom 100, top by month, top by product, bottom by this, etc. And each of those for each set of data. Now, I've looked around and can't seem to find anything that allows the end user to alter the view-by themselves in report view. So far, the only solution I've thought of is to create all the reports, then make a button for each of the bajillion of reports that have a closereport&openreport macro.
    Any buttons perhaps that could change the structure of the report?
    Thanks ahead. =D

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    It sounds to me like you would be able to get away with a few reports and just change the query that is feeding the report. There is no way in Access to allow the user to click on a few things to change the way the report looks and what it reports. That would be custom programming.

    But I was thinking that you only need one report for Ascending and Descending order. The code would open the report and pass in the order and depending on the order selected you could have the report bound to a different query.

    However, I would think this approach might be a little more advanced than what you have already been working on. You would probably need to be/get familiar with VBA to be able to pass parameters to reports and use those parameters to change the report's behavior.

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