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    Generic dboatabase comparison tools

    Hello friends,

    I am not exactly a DBA. But I am starting to get involved in more and more database management work. So I would speak in a beginner's langage. I apologize if I sound very naive here.

    One of the things I do regularly is upgrade my application tables in the database with each new version. This is a manual process fraught with errors. Hence I am looking at getting something which compares 2 databases and generates the scripts which on execution would upgrade an older databse to next. This may just be a bunch of ALTERs.

    I was playing around with the idea of doing this myself but I think this must be a common requirement with most development folks out there. Hence just wanted to explore what was available in the database world. My requirement is that the tool compares two databases and generates:
    1. DDL statements for each modified table
    2. DML statements for any data (this is not mandatory but would be great to have)

    We work primarily on Oracle but it would be great if the tool could operate across multiple database types.

    Any inputs on such tools would be greatly appreciated.


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    I believe that the Open Source DiffKit will do what you want. It will certainly handle the DML out of the box. The DDL will take a little configuration information, but shouldn't be a big deal.

    good luck,


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