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    Unanswered: Access 2003 code is no longer working. PLEASE HELP!!


    I created an Access database (2003) and have been using it for several years. Just recently, I am not able to execute any commands to open or close my forms. I am receiving the following error message:

    <ERROR> The expression On Click you entered as the event property setting produced the following error: Object or class does not support the set of events. <ERROR>

    This is the code behind the "On Click" button to close a form. I receive the same message for all On Click events.

    Private Sub Close_CategoryMenu_Button_Click()
    On Error GoTo Err_Close_CategoryMenu_Butto_Click

    DoCmd.SelectObject acForm, "filter_form_view", False

    Exit Sub

    MsgBox Err.Description
    Resume Exit_Close_CategoryMenu_Butto_Click

    End Sub
    <END CODE>

    I tried downloading the latest Microsoft Jet 4.0 SP8 as suggested by Microsoft, but I received a message that my computer had a higher version. Now, I don’t know what to do. Is there another patch or update that I need to download so that I can resume using my 2003 databases?

    I am working on the following system:

    Microsoft Windows XP Professional
    Version 2002
    Service Pack 3

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    Access 2003 code is no longer working. PLEASE HELP!!

    Have you checked the references, under the tools menu in the code window?

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    No. What would I be looking for? I am new to this so I don't know how to troubleshoot this issue. :-(

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    Here's an excellent tutorial by Doug Steele on how to troubleshoot reference problems:

    Access Reference Problems

    But I have to say that the statement "I receive the same message for all On Click events." makes me think that the database is actually corrupted.

    Linq ;0)>
    Hope this helps!

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