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    Unanswered: ORA-00069 cannot acquire loc

    Hi, I am getting the Oracle Database error "ORA-00069 cannot acquire lock -- table locks disabled for string" in a stored proc. According to some sites I looked at, it says the Cause is "A command was issued that tried to lock the table indicated in the message. Examples of commands that can lock tables are: LOCK TABLE, ALTER TABLE ... ADD (...), and so on.". And the Action they suggest is "Use the ALTER TABLE ... ENABLE TABLE LOCK command, and retry the command".

    I am not doing either a lock table or alter table command in my procedure, so what else could be causing this?

    Thank you for any help. Sorry if this is an easy one, but I am new to Oracle.

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    I'll help you if you post the procedure's code. I might be able to find the error for you.

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