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    Unanswered: Security Configuration

    Running postgresql 8.3 on a server machine. Another LAN computer uses this database constantly in the form of receiving and adding data in the tables.

    Is there any way that the LAN computer can monitor the activity on the server database, like:

    1) See that there IS some sort of activity
    2) See what tables are being read/write, or perhaps even the actual SQL queries themselves?

    I would like to configure that the lan computer CANNOT see anything that's going on on the server side - how? What lines in the configuration files are relevant? Any other relevant aspects?


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    Well you'll want to limit it so only the one machine can access the database. You'd do this in your pg_hba.conf file. And use an encrypted connection if you are worried about other computers eves dropping.

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    Thanks for the reply,

    Well, I still want the lan computer to be able to access the server database, retrieving records via queries. I just don't want it to be able to see ongoing queries/edits/updates on the database or specific tables. But that's perhaps impossible in the first hand?

    How do I encrypt the communication?

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    Current executed queries can be seen via pg_stat_activity table(or view). You do not write on what rights does LAN computer work on database.

    To encrypt communication you can
    1) generate cerificates and use it for connections. see here
    PostgreSQL: Documentation: Manuals: PostgreSQL 8.4: Secure TCP/IP Connections with SSL
    2) tunnel connections using soft like ssh for example.

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