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    Unhappy Help!

    Ok, bit dramatic. I am totally new to Access, I have tried help files and various sources but I cannot make head or tails of it. I was hoping if I outlined what I wanted someone could suggest (or even being cheeky) make a working one up for me.

    We receive call back requests (CBRs) and when we receive one we log it. We log date of CBR, Type of call, name, Address, comments and call back date (CBM (call back made)) and we have until the end of the next working day to call back.

    I need to be able to log this information and run a report which tells us which calls have been returned in time, which are out of time, how many of a certain type of call and a percentage in that week of one's returned as the target is 95%.

    I hope that makes sense and that someone can help me, I am losing my mind over this

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    Whereas this thread consists only of project requirements and a request for someone to execute them independently, I'm considering this a request for proposal and moving it to the job opportunity accordingly.
    oh yeah... documentation... I have heard of that.

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