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    Question Unanswered: Crystal Reports CRAXDRT error on Server. -2147189176 : Logon failed.

    Crystal Report CRAXDRT error - logon failed

    Crystal Report Viewer
    CRAXDRT Error Occured on Server. -2147189176 : Logon failed.
    Details: [Database Vendor Code: 18456]

    * Crystal Reports being run via ASP code & IIS
    * Very intermittent error, cant find pattern - appears sometimes & not others.
    * With some testing, found after a while or after running several diff crystal reports it seems to come good again OR when restart IIS (eg: Start -> Services -> 'IIS Admin Service' - restart).
    * hourly auto updates are being done by IT on the server, not sure what changes/updates took place just before the problem started,
    but customer does recall Crystal Reports was upgraded, think from version 9 to 11, so can dump into Excel. However this may have been some time ago.

    Any ideas please?

    * tried remapping datasource in all reports
    * noticed many temp tables in code, some were changed to table variables

    Relevant Software on Server:
    * CR 8.5 (not in Start Menu though)
    * CR 9 Developer
    * CR 11 Developer
    * Win Server 2003 SP2
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    This seems to fix it:
    Open each problematic Crystal Report *.rpt file
    File > Summary Info > Template: leave blank (was 'LOCALDSN' without the quotes)

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