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    Question Unanswered: ON same machine Different OS can Access Same Oracle ???

    Hi All. . .
    Yesterday, I have installed Oracle 10g on my Windows XP.
    Already, I have installed Red Hat Linux 9.0(on Same Hard Disk but in separate Hard Disk Drive) and Windows Millennium ( by using VM Ware, on Same Hard Disk and same drive which contains XP).

    Now I want to access Oracle from Red Hat Linux and Windows Millennium.
    How can I???????

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    From my point of view: in order to even being able to access Oracle, you'd first have to start it up. It means that you'd have to run two operating systems at the same time, and one of them must be the one under which you installed Oracle. Can you do it? (I don't know, I never used more than one operating system on the same computer).

    If you manage to do that, you'd have to install certain client which is capable of connecting to an Oracle database. Is it an Oracle client, TOAD, SQL Developer - doesn't matter. Once you do that, I guess that you'd have to set TNSNAMES.ORA file for every client, which will point to the Oracle database you installed. As I've already said - no experience on my side whatsoever, but I believe that the whole process must look like as if you'd like to connect to any Oracle database via network (if these different operating systems act as "standalone" computers).

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