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    Unanswered: Help with an Inventory DB integration

    Ok, so attached is what I have as part of a larger database. I need to maintain the stock levels on BlackBerries which are used for swaps on defective devices, new devices which already have numbers associated to them waiting for people to have them issued, and all of the accessories that we have (cases, chargers, car chargers, ear pieces, SIM cards, SD cards, etc).

    I am being REQUIRED to maintain a up-to-the-minute listing of all the current supplies when asked by the boss and his superiors so that's why I am looking at Mr. Browne's way. I was looking at Allen Browne's Inventory Control as the way to do it but I can't figure out how it can be integrated into the attached DB.

    Can anyone assist me?
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    Took a look at your attached databases. It does not have the employee or devices tables. How are the three tables (tblAccessory, tblSupplier, tblSupplyContact) related to this issue?

    I am not completely clear on exactly what you are wanting to do.

    Are you wanting to track what has been issued to an employee?
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